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So, I'm sitting here writing my latest book. I don't know where ideas come from. Does anyone really know? I got to thinking to myself. Do the big time writers write their stories and consciously write their fate? Or does it otherwise unfold as they write the tale?


I asked myself this out of curiosity. Do other writers go through the same process I do? Do they think the way I do? Am I the one thinking the wrong way? Am I on the right track with my thinking? It boggles my mind.

I find myself wrapped around random trivial thoughts like this. It almost feels akin to the conversation in that movie Sean of the Dead, which they discuss the fact that dogs can't look up. I find myself wondering how my brain even works.

Maybe instead of focusing on a blog today, I should go back to writing. I've already accomplished a scary story compendium and a equally horrific tale about my ex-wife and those journeys I went on.

Today's current tale takes you on a military horror/sci-fi journey. Being an Army vet, I can write from things that I saw and take them to the next level. I don't forsee this book being completed anytime soon but at this point, I anticipate a potential for a series if I end it the right way.

Remember to rate the books on Amazon! I may use your review, or a part of it, in a future cover design of the book! Who knows?

Stay classy,


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