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I've always had a passion for writing. Starting in middle school, I developed my passion. I shelved it for years, thinking what I had created would never be interesting enough for anyone to read.
In 2018, several friends listened as I told stories from my troubled and eventful past. They all said the same thing: "Write a book about it!"
And here I am. I come equipped with a passion for sci-fi, horror, comedy and a pocket full of life experiences.
I hope you enjoy what you read!


Fubar 2: Electric Boogaloo

November 7th, 2020

I'm getting close to putting the finishing touches on the second installment of my book series, FUBAR! "Fubar: Out of Element" will be no less of a heart racing adventure as Specialist Jason Chantry and the gang try to sort out exactly what kind of mess they've found themselves in.

Full of twists and turns, new lovable (or hateable) characters, Out of Element is sure to answer some of those burning questions from Blackout, while opening a new can of worms on what these monsters really are!

Release date to be determined, but if you haven't checked out FUBAR: Blackout, go give it a whirl now! Reads like a B-Movie Science Fiction movie, so they say.


“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.
That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”

Octavia E. Butler


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Tales of an Ex-Husband

Tales is a story that is as true as I can recollect from my account. Compiled from other eyewitnesses to the debauchery, witness the eleven-year struggle I survived while enduring my ex-wife!
I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and spiritual domestic violence. You can be too, reach out and get help today!


Spooky Tales and Scary Things

Three short stories to chill you. The General comes for your soul. Demon Dog will devour you. Bathell will show you your worst nightmare. Each story based on a true event in my life!

brain dump cover ebook.png

Brain Dump

It's poetry. It's songs. It's random things I've jotted down over the years, in book form! I hope you enjoy getting a taste of the artsy side of my brain!

FUBAR: Blackout

Fubar follows SPC Jason Chantry and his fellow soldiers through what begins as a normal deployment to Iraq, which escalates to all-out survival for mankind.

Tales From An Ex-Employee

A book that chronicles my adventures in the service industry. A sequel to "Tales From An Ex-Husband."


Memoirs of a Crazed Mind

Documentation of a serial killers' adventures, murders, and stories.

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