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Stores that carry my books:


Curmudgeon Books

Glen Burnie, MD

Caprichos Books

Caprichos Books

Bel-Air, MD






Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble





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Authors I like

Small time or big dogs, they're all here!

Children of the Program series

Brad W. Cox

Brad Cox is an author from Maryland. He is the writer of the "Children of the Program" book series. In addition to writing, Brad is also a musician, fronting bands such as Veteran Avenue and Skytzo Calypso.

Joe Ledger series, Pine Deep

Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry is the author of several major book series titles, such as The Joe Ledger series. I fell in love with his writing on my way to Iraq when I picked up Patient Zero, his first of many Ledger stories. I'd be remiss to say I wasn't mildly inspired by him to write FUBAR.

He's Stephen King. You've heard of him.

Stephen King

Stephen King. What' more can I say? Cujo, The Shining, Delores Claiborne, The Green Mile, The Stand, IT, The Mist. The list could go on forever. If I could be a tenth of what he's become, I'd be satisfied. Check out his books, if you haven't! You're missing out.

Camp Lenape, Shadows of Doubt

Timothy R. Baldwin

Timothy has a unique set of books out. His are more geared toward a young adult audience but that doesn't mean you won't enjoy them! Mystery books similar to Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, set at a sleepaway camp full of mystery. Camp Lenape is an interesting story, for sure.

Project Dandelion series, Haunting Dystopian Tale series

Heather Carson

Heather is a military spouse who writes some pretty interesting post-apocalyptic stuff! Not only that, but she's put together some cool children's books for those that have parents in the military. Absolutely give her a look! I've enjoyed the Project Dandelion YA series!

Quote the Raven, and all that jazz

Edgar Allen Poe

Local guy Eddie Poe, who may have written some spooky stuff back in the day. The Black Cat, Tell-Tale Heart, Fall of the House of Usher, and more! I have a giant compilation of his works and love so much out of it!

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Other supported businesses

Valued Partnerships


The Bernie House

The Bernie House is a part of the solution to those made homeless due to domestic violence in Maryland.  Providing the non-offending parent and children, who would otherwise be homeless, a genuine family environment while they are still receiving counseling and additional human services. The Bernie House complements existing programs to ensure the success of the victims. We allow the time necessary to heal and build confidence for our residents to ensure stability when they transition to permanent housing.  Families are accepted through the referral of local domestic violence agencies.


Irina's Crepe Cafe

Irina Graco and Pavel Semenyuk are a mother-son duo with a passion for cooking that started back when they lived in Russia. Crepes are one of their family's culinary traditions. They brought their love for food to the United States 15 years ago and have been experimenting with flavors and ingredients ever since.

This is where I perform book readings. Irina and the staff have been very welcoming and inviting, and I am thankful to have this partnership with them.

Bmore Lifestyle

Bmore Lifestyle

BMORE Lifestyle is a daily lifestyle show that keeps viewers informed on the very best that Baltimore, and our surrounding areas, has to offer.

I was featured in November 18th, 2019 episode of Bmore Lifestyle, where I was able to discuss "Tales From An Ex-Husband" and also touch on the fact that male domestic violence victims are not given the same resources that female victims receive. This has been a great experience to get out in front of this issue, and hopefully, inspire hope to others that suffer a similar story.

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