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1st Place Short Short Story

Department of Veterans Affairs

On a whim, Harry participated in a creativity challenge. The requirement was to write a 1000 word short, short story. None of his stories were that short, so he had to come up with a new one.
The story ended up being a winner! He ended up deciding to put the story into Spooky Tales and Scary Things 2!


Fubar, Colon, Blackout?

Other's May Fall Podcast

Harry was a guest on the popular podcast, OMF Podcast! The gang talked about Fubar, and what time in the military may have been like. They also dabble in the vocal stylings of what the audiobook could have sounded like.


Tales From an Ex-Husband

Others May Fall Podcast

Brian, Joe, Steve, and Harry discuss relationships, the book, and crazy situations. They also play a few games.


Local Author Publishes Sixth Book!

Pasadena Voice

I was written about in a local publication, Pasadena Voice! They're a neighborhood paper that keeps up with the latest and greatest news and happenings. See what they said about my books, and Memoirs of a Crazed Mind!


Author Interview

I conducted a great interview with the team at! Go check out what crazy questions they asked me, and read some of my crazier responses!


Mouthful of Graffiti


On this show, I sat down with Charm City Ghostbuster, novelist and event planner for the annual Fright Reads Book Festival, Harry Carpenter. A lot of books have earned Harry Carpenters name and he’s just getting started. 

I recently attended the Fright Reads Book Festival in Severna Park and I can tell you, it's an event you won't want to miss next year. 

Harry’s books are often a direct line with something in his personal life, which makes them all the more interesting and personal. Join me in welcoming *THE* Harry Carpenter to the MOG! 

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