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Another Year Already?

Boy does time fly. I can't believe we're halfway through February already! It seems that one month from now, last year, we were locking things down. We're still locked down, but time moves faster. Is it because we're getting used to things? Adapting to a new way of life can be hard. I can tell you for days how hard it's been for me. My whole mood has gone up and down...mostly down.

What's interesting is the fact I'm a quarter of the way through Fubar 3: Situation Normal. One of the craziest parts about writing this series has been the journey I'm taking with the characters. If you've not had the chance to read the first book, check it out! It's easily a B-Movie on paper. There are so many undertones as well as similarities to my own experience that bleed into that story. From the setting to the people, there is nothing that doesn't feel familiar to me. (Except the monsters, of course.)

That may actually be the hardest part. The people I write about are people I know. They are based on a real-life counterpart that is a living and breathing individual. Sure, I've taken liberties and changed some facts, names, and events for the sake of storytelling, but that doesn't make them any less real to me. These are the men and women I served with. Every character, from the first kill, to the last page, each means something to me. The decisions to kill off a character weigh heavily on me. Do any other authors feel that way?

When I started this journey of writing FUBAR, I really went into it writing a book that I'd love to read. I like to get invested enough into characters and settings without it being beaten to death. I like to learn about a character along the way. I enjoy action and humor. THAT was what this book was designed to be. What it's become, is far more than I could have ever imagined. This book has grown and evolved into a bigger story that I can't wait to publish. It runs like a movie in my head and I can only write so fast.

Watching this book evolve from a mindless romp through the sands killing monsters and critters has now, for me, evolved into an emotional rollercoaster by book 3. Heck, Book 2 shifted quite a bit of that as well. I only hope everyone finds enjoyment and falls in love with these characters and events. I just wish there'd be a movie deal for this series! (Looking at you, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu)

Anyway, now that we're into 2021, lets be nice, positive and get moving! A vaccine is rolling out, hopefully this gets things back on track. Too many people I know have contracted COVID and are suffering from long-term side effects. Do your part, wash your hands and stay apart from people! We'll be back on track before you know it.

Be sure to check the event page for any updates on 2021 events I have coming.

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