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New Blog Time!

Updates! My favorite thing to forget to do!

I've been so busy with FrightReads, class, and travelling for events that I forgot to update literally everything! I spent the better part of the evening updating my events calendar so it reflects my current list of events! I have a LOT. This Saturday, I'll be at Annapolis Comic Con. I love doing this little event, and will always support Ben and all he does for the nerd world.

FUBAR 3 IS DONE! I'm excited to say I finally wrote "The End." I've been working on this book for the better part of two and a half years now. It's not that I'm taking that long to polish the text, or tweak the story, however. It got sidelined by Chemical Burns, life, and a million other things. But we should be on track for a spring release if all goes well!

I wish I had more other than some quick updates. Nothing new with me here. Keep reading, leaving reviews, and all of that. Thanks!

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