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Blog Time? It's been too long.

I like to always update this blog. Sometimes it's monthly. Sometimes, practically yearly. Sadly, it gets hard when life gets busy, or nothing new is going on.

That's what we're doing today. New things! I'm about a month out from the editing being complete from the new book, "Chemical Burns!" Once that gets back to me, myself and Tim Baldwin, who co-authored the book with me, will be pushing the crap out of that thing. It's a pretty fun story following two characters written separately by us. They're tracking down the same serial killer. One's a cop, the other a reporter. Hijinks ensue. A true summer rom-com. Ok, so, it's not. It's got tension, blood, guts, and a lot of fun action!

I have a handful of events coming up. I just completed Galactic-Con in June. I'm taking July off to enjoy myself and not do events for five seconds. Then in August, it ramps up! Maryland Pop & Horror Con, FrightReads Book Festival, StellarCon, and Monster Mania. Those are four that I'm absolutely slated for. That of course does not include the book signings, reading, or other events I throw into the mix between here and Christmas.

Speaking of books, I should be finished with FUBAR 3, as well as Spooky Tales 3, releasing them in 2023 some time.

Beyond that, I'll see everyone at an event somewhere! Stay Spooky!

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