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It's almost fall!

How did I let this get past me? It's September. More specifically, September 11th. The day America changed. I haven't posted a single thing since March, so let me fill you in on where we're at with things!

For the books, I've published two whole books since March. "Tales From An Ex-Employee" is a book that is available through e-book at the moment. It follows my adventures through various employments. I go through when I started work way back in the wee years of 14, all the way through recent events such as writing and book tours. It's quite an interesting read if you enjoy workplace drama and crazy customers!

In addition to creating that book, I was also able to release a book that you'll kill to read! Pun intended, of course. This book is "Memoirs of a Crazed Mind." A fun little backstory about this one. I used to record songs. Yes, I know, get the chuckles out. I had at least four to five rap albums I'd recorded in the 2000s. Yes, get the rest of the chuckles out. I had a concept album similar to Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare." I wanted to write about a serial killer who blacked out his entire dicy past, only to return to his hometown and wonders why everyone gives him the stink eye. I dropped that idea in favor of the book storyline, but the name stayed.

The story follows a serial killer as he details every little thing he's done. He's an open book, so to speak. If you like true crime, or fictional crime, particularly about serial killers, this is the book for you. I'll warn you, it doesn't really hold back. My own mother called me at 9 PM to ask questions about where these ideas came from.

So brings us to speed with where we are at in September 2020. This year feels like the longest one yet! With the lockdowns, social distancing, and more, it's been hard to sell books in person. That's how I like to do it, personally. I thankfully was given the opportunity to set up at Capricho's Books in Bel Air Maryland a few weeks ago. The sad fact is, they closed their doors. From here out, they're an online book store. I want to thank Liz for her support and wish her the best with the new format.

So where does that take us today? Well, it's almost Halloween season, which brings me joy. Furthermore, I was able to get in with Curmudgeon Books in Glen Burnie Maryland for a signing for Crazed Mind! So I'll see everyone on October 10th! It's on the event page, as well as Facebook. I'm fairly excited about it, but not nearly as much as usual. The hoops we have to jump through just to have an event. Be sure to wear your mask and all that jazz.

Lastly, I've got a big thing in the works for 2021. I'm anticipating the formal announcement soon, but I'm coordinating a giant Halloween Book Festival here in Maryland. I'd really like to be the hub for all things horror, sci-fi, and thriller books if we could. The event will host a variety of all-ages books ranging from children to adult, all with a spooky theme. I pulled a "Bender" and decided since there isn't an event like this near me, I'd start my own. I just excluded the hookers and blackjack. Aren't Futurama references great?

That event will be announced likely before the end of 2020. I'll plaster it all over social media, my website, and anywhere else that will have it.

That's all the ramblings I have for now. Keep an eye out for the newsletter, or sign up for it today! I tend to give away audiobook codes and free things in them. Be sure to check out the two new books, as well as Fubar! I've just finished writing book 2! Leave me a review on each and let me know what you think!!!


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