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Keeping Your Head Up

Negative reviews can be tough. I got a 2-Star review on my latest release, FUBAR. My only gripe is that it was reviewed by a person who "Doesn't Like Science Fiction." I don't feel like it got a fair shake. With that said, I went into my signing last week with that weighing on me. Hearing your book is "crap" before having to talk about how great it is, sucks the joy right out of it. Nevertheless, the event at Irina's was a success! Many crepes were eaten, and stories were told.

I'm continuing to push onward with my efforts. I plan to market it more, and get it out there! I'd love to find a publisher, but in the meantime, since I do all of the footwork myself anyway, I created a publishing company. Midnight Destiny Publishing is the name I'll be going with. It's named after the two coolest cats in my life, Midnight and Destiny. I know I've shared them in newsletters before. Destiny passed away a few years back due to a stroke, and shortly after we found Midnight. He's done his best to fill the void that Destiny left.

My goal in 2020 is to put these books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. If you've kept track of my "where it's sold" page, you'll see I've added a few local book stores in my area. These stores have been super welcoming and great to have onboard with my books.

I'm still working on FUBAR: Out of Element, as well as Spooky Tales 2. I'm also working on releasing "Memoirs of a Crazed Mind" in October, as well as a few other things I'm working on out here. Busy busy busy. In addition to that, I'm still working on finding a job, as well as completing school. I run my GI Bill dry as of May and need to find a contingency plan. But I'm keeping positive and going forward with everything, hoping that all will pan out in the end.

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