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Well, it's official. I finished FUBAR. That's going through the process of editing, formatting and all that good stuff. I'm pretty proud of the fact I was able to get that book completed. I have a few people checking it out now, seeing how it sounds.

I've begun work on my next book, "Memoirs of a Crazed Mind." This book will be a very interesting work. It's being written from the perspective of a serial killer. But it's not as simple as that. I know that type of book as been done before as well. I think both of these books will be my 2020 releases, in addition to a potential third book that I'll name at some point.

Been networking with local book stores in the hopes that I can do some signings. Gaining traction on Twitter is also nice too. I can't say I have too much to update at this time, but things are going great. Smooth sailing in the book world!

May I also recommend a late summer read? Check out C.J. Geisel's book, "Lowcountry Incantations." If you like supernatural southern crime dramas, this is right up your alley. Pick up her book at:

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