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Nothing like closing out a week nearly being killed by fireworks! We got one called "The Alien" and that packed a punch. It lifted itself up and flipped, launching at least four to five balls of death my direction. How was your holiday?

In happier news, I'm getting through more of FUBAR: Blackout. It's chugging along. I need to really buckle down and develop the book cover artwork at some point soon too. The story is great! I say that from the writers perspective, of course, but I mean it. The characters have been fun to write up, and basing them off friends and military family has been a blast. I'm thankful to have such great people that allow me to base characters off them. (Don't worry, you won't go out in a weak death if your characters time has come.)

I trust everyone had a good holiday! With that said, I'm back at it, working on more of this book. If you were signed up for my newsletter, July's update included the first chapter of FUBAR. Nothing happens, the action doesn't kick off, but you get a sense for what you're going to get into after the next few chapters gets going.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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