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Readings, Writings, and Signings, oh my!

I got a book event coming up in less than two weeks. Am I ready? Hell no. But I'll show up and do it, because that's what I do. I've never been one to have a full plan under my belt. No worries though, it will go very well I'm sure.

If you haven't seen on any of my calendars, I have a signing and a reading at Irina's Crepes Cafe down in Glen Burnie. I love this place, and I know you will too.

I took the weekend off from writing because I was just so busy and exhausted. Being able to just not think about books was nice, just to refresh the brain to tackle more chapters.

I worked my butt off for Suzie's Fest with Transcendent Events. Those guys know how to party. I'm already gearing up for this Saturday and a Hot Sauce festival with them. The following Saturday I'll be hosting Crepes and a Story.

That's about all I really have to say about that. I'm still tired from Saturday. Side note: Wear sunscreen. Even if the sky is cloudy and it's raining through the day.

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