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Events, and Spoopy things!

What a month it's been. I've been running around non-stop taking classes in school. In addition, I've been working events with the Charm City Ghostbusters, being pulled from charity to charity event. October is our busy season, and I'm prepared to be yanked every which direction we can. Make sure you follow that page at

Also, I've got a few more book surprises on the way! I have my event coming up at Irina's Crepe Cafe once more in October! Check my events page for those details. I'm partnering up with several local book stores in order to host a bunch of signings! More opportunities to have people meet and greet, and get books signed and stuff. I recently completed one this past weekend at "The Curmudgeon" in Glen Burnie, and that was a hoot. Yes, I just said "A Hoot."

Books are right on track at this point. I already completed FUBAR: Blackout, which is the first book in the series. I'm two or three chapters deep in FUBAR: Out Of Element, which is book two, so I'm ahead of schedule. I'm also working on "Memoirs of a Crazed Mind" which is a few chapters deep, and hopefully will be an interesting read. I'm working toward completing and releasing FUBAR in January, with Memoirs to follow some time late Spring/Summer. I want to give each book time to breathe. Depending on the success/failure of FUBAR, I will adjust the timeline and maybe have Memoirs drop nearer Fall/Halloween timeframe.

On a personal note, I've been battling a lot of things going on in my life. Depression, and all the fun stuff that comes with it. Fighting with school, the VA, and working to actually get a real job (at least until writing pays the bills) have been really taking their toll on me lately. I thank everyone for the support.

Lastly, I wanted to say I will be making a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, for the upcoming "Out Of The Darkness" walk next Sunday. With everyone's purchase of "Tales From An Ex-Husband," I was able to get a bit of money from the royalties, which I promised would be donated right to the fund. Unfortunately, I didn't make all that much during the four-week window I allowed. What I will be doing, however, is taking the 16 bucks I made, and donating a few additional dollars to make it a rounded 25, or 30 dollars. If you feel you want to donate still!

Thanks for the support, and the help, and the follows! See you at the next event!

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